Manor Farm

Manor Farm


Manor Farm, Stretham, is a new build housing project currently consisting of 79 properties in multiple phases and sections which have been sold predominately to the open market, but also to a Community Land Trust (CLT). It is a highly desirable new development of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties with 11 different styles including terrace, detached and bungalows.

We were awarded the first phase of this project through the process of competitive tendering and have subsequently been awarded the next phases through negotiations.

We have been working closely with our client on this project and have formed a successful partnership over the past few years. We have handed over 50 properties so far and are currently constructing the next phase, which has planned completion for August 2019. The remaining phase consist of 13 properties, these are due to be released in June 2019 for completion by Easter 2020.


Laragh Homes

Employers Agent

Project Total Management


Haysom Ward Miller

Structural Engineer

Peter Brett Associates

Contract Dates

October 2015 to Easter 2020

Estimated Contract Value

£14 million

We have worked with our client to continually improve the house designs from phase one and this has provided an end product which has been sold very successfully.

E N Suiters have been a pleasure to work with – flexible, understanding, proactive and friendly. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and am sure we will be working with them again soon. 

Hannah Greenhow, Sales and Marketing Manager, Laragh House Developments Limited

Stretham, like most sites, has not been without its difficulties. The first requirement was to get a show house completed as soon as possible and construct a large proportion of the main access road. This was achieved on time for the grand opening. The project had all the usual requirements with regards to sectional agreements and adoptions, there was a requirement for new adoptable roads and drainage, as well as a diversion of an existing pumped main sewer and a new pumping station. The surface water required swales to be created and the control of surface water into existing systems.

The project is situated on the edge of the village adjoining existing dwellings, we have liaised with the occupants at critical stages and made sure that the site staff are approachable at all times.

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