9 New Dwellings Built for Freebridge Community Housing

9 New Dwellings Built for Freebridge Community Housing


The team at ENSuiter recently concluded a project for Freebridge Community Housing, which consisted of nine modern and new build dwellings in Church Bank, Terrington St. Celements.

When completing the project in early February, our construction team were extremely satisfied with the outcome of the houses. Communication with Freebridge was clear and professional in their plan for Church Bank and therefore, we were able to execute the new builds precisely and to the clients taste. Freebridge are exceptionally impressed with the quality of the dwellings; which were manifested with the intention of housing their tenants. Successfully, relocations are already currently in progress.

In summary, we have now accomplished two projects for the housing association; which is rewarding for the team as it has provided welcomed recognition for their efforts. Our team feel that we can successfully build a report with our clients who require repeat custom. We hope to work with Freebridge in the future as we learn the style and aesthetics of the company and in turn create more quality and cosy housing.

All images used within this article are property of Freebridge Community Housing and are the source and owner of the properties.

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